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Sillenn Sylwia Jastrzębska

My works are mainly abstractions. I usually paint in acrylic, but I also do not avoid other techniques, such as alcohol ink or epoxy resin.

I make works in acrylic with brushes, paint spatulas, often using the blending method, thanks to which I create beautiful effects of permeating individual colors. The poetry of the picture.

Artworks in the alcohol ink technique I made with a blow of air, from a dryer or … my own breath, this is how unique, original, magical images are created, in beautiful colors with gold elements that add character and shine to the paintings.

Epoxy resin is a very satisfying creation medium, by applying single layers of resin with colored pigments or combining it with other painting techniques, I get unique patterns and very interesting depth.

Why mainly abstractions?
Because I am interested in the interaction between a combination of colors without a particularly recognizable form and the recipient.
The most satisfying thing is when the viewer, looking at the painting, experiences a mystery.

Does it happen to you? …For me yes .

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